Transitional States


Transitional States is about the changing moment of a state of certainty.The slight movement, oscilliation that transforms energy into a new state of matter. This turning point from what once was, to what it will become, is the theme of this series of five cyanotypes.







Anti / Reverse Entropy

Matter and energy in the Universe tend to move towards conditions of bigger randomness and disorder.
However, this doesn’t happen to organic forms , as in that case systems move to states of higher structuralisation and centration.
Anti-entropy characterizes the force of biological organisms towards life.

This project is a combination of the analog cyanotypic technique with digital glitching.



I See What I see When I See

Through which process can someone invoke seeing?
Apart from the eyes as a sensitive perceptive organ, does the act of seeing require a more
complicated, multileveled mental procedure?
My perception of the environment so called external reality, depends not only on the information
delivered by/from the objects of my surrounding world to the receptors of my senses, but also from the conscious or subconscious
choice I make on the information given.
I perceive by infiltrating, by evaluating, accepting or rejecting.
My brain, my body, my self, is always taking some information in, leaving
information out.
In that project, I use a polarising filter to create a circular play for my sight.
The image of one, same object, can become visible or not in front of the same pair of eyes.
The decision to take information in, to interact with my surrounding, shapes my own image of the world.
What I see, when I see, is what I am.




The word ''Cosmic'' has its origin from the Greek word, ''Cosmos'' (''Kosmos''), literally meaning ''order'' or ''ornament''. It describes the ''World'', as an orderly and harmonious system, opposite to chaos.From the Pythagorean ''theory of the spheres'' to the more contemporary ''theory of the strings'' men strive to give answers to the mechanisms that make the world spinning. We seek for a unification of the microcosmos to the macrocosmos.
In this project, the universal space is transferred in the interior space of a studio.Like the vibration of the elementary particles of matter at a subatomic level, a pulse is ''transferred'' in the form of lightwaves in the space of a darkened studio. The photographic recording of traces of light in space- time make this ''universe'' visible.As there is no other visible point of comparison in the generated image, the forms generated by the led light create a new space of ''cosmic'' size consisting of orbital light trails and light pathways.




These photos are a personal interpretation of Oblivion, as a transition to a state of individual forgetfulness. The pictures appear in an abstract form without specific outlines, between matter and invisible as if they were part of a fragmentary memory, dream or illussion. Places and fading-out figures reveal from darkness getting ready to sink back again. This project makes use of analog film, using in most of them the cross-prossess technique.



Khora Named i

What is the border between inner-self and outer world? Khora named i, is a thin outlined personal space, a tank of letting in-letting out, permitting-abolishing, releasing- constraining. A place of forming-transforming, making visible-going invisible.