Young actors from the Expedition Metropolis theater and actors from other Berlin theaters,were called to have a one to one interview, meeting each other for the first time.A mutual ground was created between people who otherwise would never have met.This common action space led to a theater piece with the title, ''Time Matters'' and was based on these interviews.

A theater piece performed in a conbination of puppets and actors. Based on M.Bulgarov\'s \"The Master and Margarita\", Shakespeare\'s \"Romeo and Juliet\". Inspired from the music bands \" The Rolling Stones\" and \"Pink Floyd\". \"(The) Rolling Floyd\" won in 2014 the first place at the theater Drachengasse competition in Wien.

The architecture of sound or \" listening with your eyes \". A documentation of a cross-disciplinary media performance. The composition consists of an interplay between live medieval music and electronic music, triggered by the dancer \'s movements. Presented by,Phuong Nguyen, Frank Blum, Burkard Wehner. Supported by GFAI (Society for Promotion of Applied Science).