This animation is an abstract composition of vibrant, pulsating colors. The colors flow on one another, in parallel or in different directions, interrelate and interact seamlessly giving a sensation of musicality. Temporal color-crossings are converted to a consistently recurring, potentially infinite duration pattern. Occasionally, the superimposition of colors forms fleeting moire. The animation has been created entirely from photographic images and combines the cinematic snapshot time of the animation with static '' forever '' time of the photographic image.


The movement of a little insect in-between a books' lines creates a new ''geography'' of words. The insect gives and is given a new meaning through the musical storytelling and it imposes to the reader a synchronised reading according to its movement. Random words, cut off from their conceptual content, create new connections, new images from the viewer. The incoherent way of reading the words, activates the recall of memory pictures analogous to the memory function, fragmented and selective. The area of ‚Äčthe book as a literal depository place of memory, is rearranged into a new landscape for free reading.